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And judging what I know of the other artists that contributed to the book, it will be a great one to have around! And a few pieces had their prices lowered I'm not dead yet, and I've already taken care of the taxes Not to mention it was Spring Break for the kids. As always check out the New Works album for the images. Also, I spent the day at the MN Zoo with the kids and got a few nice shots of some of the animals while there. I really love the tiger shot! Just check them in the Misc Photo album.

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It's from the Death Eagle Chapter I call him Icarus. I had a lot of fun this past week in doing some new and interesting things, but now it's time to get back to the grindstone!

Check out the New Works album. No, not really I sculpted both of the bases, using DAS clay and they were experimental to say the least.

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I've been having a bit of fun this week as I work on items just to stretch and try new things. Plus I'm in the middle of sculpting up a few conversions, new greens, and some larger pieces of work again Of course, the miniatures are in the New Works album. And the Blood Raven is on my Sales page as well. Skarre, the Pirate Queen, a Kasrkin Sgt. Of course, they are in the New Works album. The Kasrkin Sgt. Also, just because I really friggin' felt like it I decided to challenge myself and paint a mini in one hour flat. Here is a plastic Cadian IG Sgt. He's also in the album Part One is up under the Tutorials section.

Take a look! I had not previously worked on a Forgeworld resin kit, though. I had my hands full of painting up their Venerable Dreadnaught for a client. It's in the Space Marine Salamander Chapter colors, and with some free-hand motifs added on.

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I love the way this piece turned out! The bad boy is in the New Works album. I finished him after a two-day marathon painting session that has left me almost crippled in my painting hand! And look for MORE gaming level miniatures in the coming weeks and months Jesterspeed is BACK!!! I still won't accept commissions for entire armies at this time, but unit by unit, you may just get me to do one anyway Seven new miniatures. They're all in the New Works album. Check them out! Now I'll be hunched over the desk for about another week on a special project for a client. When that project is done, I'm going to start splitting my afternoons up for sculpting again, and my evenings strictly for painting.

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So, look for more artwork and sculpts as I get them done! All the entries were well-executed! Also congratulations to Chris Jensen who was the random prize drawing winner! I want to thank all who choose to enter the contest, I deeply appreciated everyone's efforts. For those still asking, yes, I am still working on the airbrush tutorial and the terrain tutorial. Hopefully I'll get those finished up as soon as I can to get them posted. Here are all the entries in a new album. Thank you very much to all who chose to enter. And I'm sorry that some people didn't get the message to resubmit in time.

I apologize again for the errors. The two winners - contest and random drawing winner - will be announced on February 26th. I am now extending the deadline for the contest until Friday, February 18th to get any entries in.

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I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone at all. Thank you. You can email the images to either jester jestersminiaturestudios. I apologize for the problems.

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Once the deadline has passed, I will be hosting all the images in a special album. Fun miniatures! They're in the New Works album, of course. Also, I've opened up a Message Board of my own. Let's all try to deal with each other with respect, maturity, and leave the rampant idiocy elsewhere. You can join at Jester's Message Board. I'm sorry, but to view the topics, etc. This will help regulate the board.

I'll look forward to meeting you there. Please feel free to join, contribute, ask questions Now that the lengthy Rider Tutorial is finished, it's time to get back on track. Check her out in the New Works album! This was a major milestone so far in my career as a miniature painter. Never have I undertaken such a task, and hopefully it is received well. The Tutorials section has the complete walkthrough, and the New Works album has all the final images. Now onto the rest of the miniatures in the Pending Works album.


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Those are all next to be completed! The horse, base, Rider, sword and shield are all finished. Now it's onto the standard banner and lance! So go check out the Tutorials section! Of course, I also submitted some images of miniatures for the book as well. So, with just the axe head painted, I couldn't let the rest of him sit until it was completed.

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Check out the New Works album for two shots of this great miniature! And I will be getting back to the Rider later on today The horse and base are finished and assembled. Just some of the works that are due out from the Studios over the coming weeks I've also added in a new section for my upcoming Ogre Kingdom army. This will be an ongoing project of mine for some time.

Darkson Designs Painting Guide Vol 1 Darkson Designs Painting Guide Vol 1
Darkson Designs Painting Guide Vol 1 Darkson Designs Painting Guide Vol 1
Darkson Designs Painting Guide Vol 1 Darkson Designs Painting Guide Vol 1
Darkson Designs Painting Guide Vol 1 Darkson Designs Painting Guide Vol 1
Darkson Designs Painting Guide Vol 1 Darkson Designs Painting Guide Vol 1

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