Eastern Europe and the Challenges of Modernity, 1800-2000

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Selective manuring in the medieval open fields. Marginal landscapes and the medieval English economy. Landscape and society in Drente during the middle ages. Historical landscape research and regional institutional history in the transition debate. A case study in coastal Flanders. From a commercial peasant economy towards a commercial economy: landscape and society in coastal Flanders 13thth centuries. The possessions of ecclesiastical estates and the landscape in Friesland, Pioneering Multilateralism: the Sugar Agreements.

Diplomacia reguladora: Los convenios azucareros internacionales. Structure, regulatory instruments and interest. El comercio internacional azucarero. Money and its discontents. Trade communities and finance in late medieval Bruges. London merchants and the Borromei bank in the s: local credit networks and the transfer of skills.

Факультет международных отношений «« Санкт-Петербургский Государственный Университет (СПбГУ)

Bridging the gap: the hanseatic merchants' variable strategies in heterogeneous mercantile environments. Shifting markets and institutional change: wine trade on the river Rhine, c. Merchants on the margin? The black market in 15th-century Sluis. The settlement of Florentine companies in Bruges in the early 15th century: common strategies and different attitudes.

Exploring the question. East-West Trade during Cold War. General Introduction. Expand World Trade or Security?

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The financial administration of North Hanseatic cities in the Late Middle Ages development - organization - politics. Government debts, markets and institutions in early-renaissance Italy: between choise and coercion. Fiscality, public credit and political money: Catalonia, The different role played by government debt and bankers in the Spanish Monarchy's finances during the Early Modern Spain.

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From subordination to autonomy: public debt policies and the formation of a self-ruled financial market in Southern Italy in the long run Public Debt in the Papal States 16thth centuries. French Public Finance Between and Callable government bonds and private expectations in England: Mercantilist Institutions for the Pursuit of Power with Profit. Sovereign debt, sustainability and financial system organization in Italy. Trade with Asia in the tenth century or the lack thereof? Ports and persons of the Middle East involved in trade with Song China. The changes in ceramic trade between China and the Middle East from 13th to 14th centuries.

Work as a Problem in European History. An Introduction. Work, Max Weber, Confucianism. Global income distribution and convergence An exploration into the distribution of income in Brazil, Top Incomens in Indonesia, Secular Movements in Earnings Differentials. Sweden Pre-Modern Equality. Income Distribution in the Kingdom of Naples The brandy trade as symbiotic motor for the economies of Nantes and Rotterdam, Overseas market for European wines in the 17th century: The case of Dutch factories at Hirado and Nagasaki in Japan, Wine labelling in France 19thth centuries.

Product versus process regulation. Changing the Market. Agent or Instrument? Francisco J. Monaldi M. Mediator or Scapegoat? Scandinavian experiences of network industries: public enterprises and changing welfare policies Transformation and transnationalisation of State enterprises in networks in Russia with special reference to the energy sector. Synthesis of other European experiences:. Mexico and transnational networks. Taiwanese network internationalisation in Spain. Power, Bureaucracy, and Concrete: A corporate headquarter in historical context.

Multidisciplinary History: Forms of historical engagement. Technological Change in Early Modern Islam, c. Demographic and economic developments in England c. English and Welsh agriculture outputs, inputs and income. Grain output and population: a conundrum. The long march of history: farm wages, population and economic growth, England Household wealth, indebtedness, and economic growth in early modern England. The transition to an advanced organic economy: half a millennium of English agriculture.

English demographic and economic developments in context: the wider world c. Epstein London School of Economics. Economic structure and agricultural productivity in Europe, The early modern great divergence: wages, prices and economic development in Europe and Asia, Wages, induced innovation and the great divergence: Lancashire, India and shifting competitive advantage in cotton textile, , unpublished research paper.

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Benchmarking medieval economic development: England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland circa Philip T. Real Inequality in Europe since What sets England apart: English economic and demographic development in world perspective, Cobb-Douglas in pre-modern Europe: simulating early modern growth.

Melanie Ilic has worked wonders with the BASEES membership system, while Jon Oldfield has been a careful steward of the association's finances, reminding us that BASEES needs to have reliable sources of income to enable us to continue to support the study of our subjects. The annual conference in Cambridge forms the centrepiece of the association's work and, once again, some delegates will gather this Easter to debate topics that range right across the association's fields of interest.

Matthias Neumann and his team have again worked hard to put together a very varied programme for the conference weekend, including a theatre performance by Molodyi Teatr, a London-based ensemble who will be performing Bloody East Europeans, a piece of theatre that reflects on the experience of immigration and social equality. The conference allows us to see the present through a variety of prisms and we shall welcome the Counsellor for press, culture and information from the Russian Federation's London embassy to discuss the importance of maintaining cultural relations at times of wider international tension.

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  • An important part in the conference's success is played by the work of Charlie and Suzy Howes, the conference administrators. Their skill and good humour help to set the tone for the gathering and we very much appreciate their efficiency and contribution to our work. The association supports the publication of high-quality research through a number of initiatives.

    The immense range of work being carried out in our area is well reflected in the topics that the series has covered in the past year, with central themes such as disability, migration, consumer culture and conservative nationalism all forming the subjects of recent monographs. EuropeAsia Studies continues to be one of the leading journals in our area, attracting large numbers of high-quality submissions and publishing special issues on such subjects as family health and state and civil society.

    Richard Sakwa, Peter Sowden and Terry Cox are each owed a debt of gratitude by the association for their careful work in fostering significant research in our area.

    The financial health of the association means that BASEES continues to be able to support a wide variety of activities by postgraduate research students. Research visits to Russia and eastern Europe, fieldwork and the presentation of papers at major international conferences have all been supported by grants made by the association's research and development committee. New work in our area is dependent on graduate students being able to spend substantial periods of time working in Russia and eastern Europe and the BASEES committee is strongly supportive of the association's grants schemes.

    Paper proposals must be submitted by 15th April For more details, contact the Organising Committee at petr lfond. Charlotte Alston at charlotte. The call for papers will close on 1st June For more information, see basees. Vaninskaya ed. The association has continued to play a full part in national organisations, making our views known to research councils, government and funding bodies.

    The newlyrenamed Arts and Humanities Alliance brings together all the learned societies across the humanities and has been very active in responding to UK government policy initiatives. BASEES has had discussions with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office about the UK's national expertise capacity in our field and we have also had substantial dialogue with the embassy of the Russian Federation in London about ways in which cultural relations between this country and Russia can be sustained and enhanced.

    Discussions have emphasised the importance of developing Russian and east European studies in the UK and we have been able to identify some of.

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    Reported from 59 different institutions, the additions bring the total number of theses recorded on UTREES up to 4, The update brings to light a wide variety of topics that have inspired doctoral research, from gambling in Russia to the Kosovo Turks, the Confederation of Vilnius, and the problems of translating Beatrix Potter into Romanian. The high profile of Russian cultural events in the UK gives some hope that the value of the academic study of Russia and eastern Europe is widely recognised.

    More disturbingly, however, the association has made representation to the University of Nottingham about its recent proposals to reduce the scope of its teaching and research in our area. Professor Judith Pallot will be nominated to succeed me as the association's President at the annual general meeting in Cambridge in April. About this Item: Martinus Nijhoff, About this Item: Sm. Published by Springer Berlin Heidelberg Apr From: BuchWeltWeit Inh.

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    Eastern Europe and the Challenges of Modernity, 1800-2000 Eastern Europe and the Challenges of Modernity, 1800-2000
    Eastern Europe and the Challenges of Modernity, 1800-2000 Eastern Europe and the Challenges of Modernity, 1800-2000
    Eastern Europe and the Challenges of Modernity, 1800-2000 Eastern Europe and the Challenges of Modernity, 1800-2000
    Eastern Europe and the Challenges of Modernity, 1800-2000 Eastern Europe and the Challenges of Modernity, 1800-2000
    Eastern Europe and the Challenges of Modernity, 1800-2000 Eastern Europe and the Challenges of Modernity, 1800-2000
    Eastern Europe and the Challenges of Modernity, 1800-2000 Eastern Europe and the Challenges of Modernity, 1800-2000
    Eastern Europe and the Challenges of Modernity, 1800-2000 Eastern Europe and the Challenges of Modernity, 1800-2000

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