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Often a Paediatrician will examine the child and may be able to confirm that the murmur is 'innocent', in which case no further checks may be needed. The echocardiogram if required is painless and takes about half an hour. Some younger children will require sedation for this examination to be performed. The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne.

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First Heart Sound (S1)

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A Clinical Approach to Pediatric Heart Murmurs

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Heart Murmur in Children

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A heart murmur is a common finding during the physical examination of children. However, few children with heart murmurs have structural cardiac disease. The challenge for the pediatrician lies in distinguishing innocent murmurs from those that indicate a cardiac abnormality. The pediatrician needs to understand the events of the cardiac cycle and its associated heart sounds when determining the significance of a heart murmur.

Heart sounds are directly related to the hemodynamic events of systole and diastole Figure The first heart sound S 1 is related to the closure of the mitral and tricuspid valves at the end of diastole, when the ventricles are completely filled.

Evaluation and Management of Heart Murmurs in Children

The ventricles then undergo a period of isovolumic contraction, followed by opening of the aortic and pulmonary valves. In rarer cases, a heart murmur can come from abnormal blood flow within the heart and blood vessels. This might be related to either a narrow or leaking valve, or a hole in the wall between the two chambers of the heart or between the two main arteries of the heart. There are no outward signs or symptoms of an innocent heart murmur. A doctor can hear normal heart valves closing and producing regular heart sounds by listening to the heart with a stethoscope.

In this way, the doctor will be able to detect the presence of a heart murmur.

If the murmur is innocent, no follow-up or treatment is needed. If the quality of the murmur suggests that it might be due to some sort of structural oddity, the cause of the murmur needs to be established. Even then, most murmurs are not signs of a serious heart problem in children with no other symptoms.

A child might be referred to a heart specialist for a thorough examination and possibly further investigations. For instance an echocardiogram an ultrasound scan of the heart might be recommended. This scan is designed to show the structure, function and blood flow of the heart, and will aim to rule out any underlying problem. In most cases, an innocent murmur disappears as a child gets older and the bends within the heart become less tight.

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Pediatric Heart Sounds Pediatric Heart Sounds
Pediatric Heart Sounds Pediatric Heart Sounds
Pediatric Heart Sounds Pediatric Heart Sounds
Pediatric Heart Sounds Pediatric Heart Sounds
Pediatric Heart Sounds Pediatric Heart Sounds
Pediatric Heart Sounds Pediatric Heart Sounds
Pediatric Heart Sounds Pediatric Heart Sounds
Pediatric Heart Sounds Pediatric Heart Sounds

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