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Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. You just clipped your first slide! In order to gather some intelligence Kimball visits the planet Lyrane, ruled by women with their own mental powers who also distrust hate men. They try to kill Kimball but he survives with his Lensman abilities, but he soon realises that in order to dig deeper into the connection between Lyrane and the Boskonians. The best person for the job is Clarissa MacDougall, the woman Kimball almost married.

So Clarissa undergoes training and receives her Lens and earns the name the Red Lensman, because of the colour of her hair and is dispatched to Lyrane. Published November 1st by Old Earth Books first published More Details Original Title. Kim Kinnison. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Second Stage Lensmen , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. May 01, Bradley rated it liked it Shelves: sci-fi , worldbuilding-sf , shelf.

I'm reading this mainly because it's on the ballot for the retro Hugos for and, incidentally, I've read the fourth in the series already because it keeps being put on the "best SF ever lists". I don't think it should be, but I may be a minority. Moving on. I cringed a lot while reading this. Mostly I just went intellectual and pointed at all the Kirk-like alpha gets the alien girls swooning for him, the pleasure planets that pretend not to be nudist planet of women, anyone?

This was pulp SF of ' The early fifties. Add super super super powerful telepathic abilities and a weakness for the ladies, and we've got a square-jawed hero that later becomes the Green Lantern. He was never the Green Lantern. Just as powerful as, perhaps, and as a Corpsman devoted to justice with uber powerful aliens using these gene-sports as their proxy weapons Oh, wait.

Gray Lensman - E E 'Doc' Smith

Never mind. Except those who do. And those who did, back then, ALSO found a lot of decent and exciting action and adventure with super-heroic and courageous derring-do right here in E. I didn't hate this. I did want to tear my eyes out for the first quarter or so.

Second Stage Lensmen

Certain depictions. But once we went into the whole infiltration of the baddies' empire, using telepathy to cloud the minds of all the aliens to make them think he was one of them, I was pretty much hooked and rocking along. The good. The bad.

Second Stage Lensman|E. E. Smith|Free download|PDF EPUB|Freeditorial

The action is always pretty awesome. Add James Bond with the powers of Voldemort. All in all, I'd have to give it a 5 star on the one and a single star on the other. If you read this, manage your expectations and you might have a grand time or just find so much fodder for your ire that you'll have a different kind of a good time. View all 21 comments. Peter Tillman Oh, rec. Needs work. Aaron G. Thompson Kirk like???? Look at the timeline child!

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Sep 20, AM. Book 5 of the series, "Second Stage Lensman," would follow the same scheme. Although the events therein transpire just moments after the culmination of Book 4, readers would in actuality have to wait a solid 22 months t As I mentioned in my review of "Gray Lensman," Book 4 of E.

Although the events therein transpire just moments after the culmination of Book 4, readers would in actuality have to wait a solid 22 months to find out where author Smith would take them next. Book 5, like its predecessors, initially appeared in the pages of the legendary pulp magazine "Astounding"; in this case, as a four-part serial in the November '41 — February '42 issues, as America entered WW2. As had been the case with "Gray Lensman," the first two installments copped the front cover illustration, again by famed artist Hubert Rogers.

Book 5 continues the adventures of Galactic Patrolman and Unattached i. The book ups the ante considerably, brings back many old characters while introducing new ones including new villains and evil races , incorporates new weapons of superscience, and wows the reader with some of the truly colossal space battles that seem to have become de rigeur at this point. And then, we're off, as Kim receives a mental warning from the multibrained being known as Mentor, from Arisia And indeed, after a short period of waiting, that attack does indeed come, resulting in a very narrow victory for our Civilization, in a battle sequence that might have been a fitting climax for most other books but that here occurs within "Second Stage Lensman"'s first 30 pages!

Following this victory, Kinnison follows a suspected "zwilnik" i. The world's only populace, as it turns out, is a male-detesting, naked-going matriarchy, equipped with not inconsiderable mental abilities of their own. But Kim and his 2, crewmembers of the Dauntless manage to leave safely with their zwilnik, a young woman named Illona, who becomes enamored with Civilization's mores and allows Kinnison to probe her brainwashed mind for clues.

With some invaluable assistance from Nadreck the Palainian a bizarre race that had been introduced to us in Book 2, "First Lensman" , Illona's home planet, Lonabar, is tracked down, and Kinnison goes undercover there as a jewelry dealer and fence named Cartiff, in an attempt to wrest information from the planet's headman, Menjo Bleeko.

Later, Kim is called back to Lyrane II by the matriarchy and winds up helping to clean out a hidden cavern of those pesky, sadistic, murderous Delgonian Overlords, who we'd previously encountered in "Galactic Patrol" and thought had been wiped out for good in Book 4. Kinnison and Nadreck later proceed on to Lyrane VIII, a frigid world where the remnants of the Eich have built a formidable base, and home in on one of their communication beams. Realizing that a distraction of sorts is required so that Kim and Nadreck can do their work, Port Admiral Haynes and our galaxy's entire Grand Fleet invade the second galaxy, easily conquering the first world they come to, Klovia, where a mammoth foothold base is constructed.

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Meanwhile, Nadreck proceeds on to Onlo, and Kinnison goes undercover yet again, this time as one Lt. Traska Gannel, in Alcon's Royal Guards. Using the Thrallian-approved methods of treachery and ruthlessness, he rises in the ranks to become a captain, then a major, and finally, supplanting Alcon himself, the new Tyrant of Thrale! Now in command of Boskonia itself, Kim prepares the Grand Fleet of that evil empire to attack Klovia, while keeping the hypersuspicious and mentally powerful Fossten from piercing his identity.

But as the two Grand Fleets converge in space above Klovia, Kinnison discovers one very shocking secret, indeed Interestingly, our two main characters here, Kim and Clarrissa, the two penultimates in the Arisians' millennia-long breeding program, undergo some subtle changes in this installment.

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Kinnison is noticeably tougher and more hard-boiled; more ruthless and less like the "good little Boy Scout at heart," as he describes himself to the Lyranian headwoman. Indeed, his manner of speaking to those murderous Lyranians is actually like something out of a s film noir drama, and he ultimately comes to realize that Nadreck's cold-blooded efficiency "cold-blooded" in both senses of the word, as the Palainian hails from a frozen ice planet is indeed the way to best accomplish his tasks.

As for Clarrissa, she is here made an official Lensman, the first female in our galaxy to be given that honor, and is nicknamed the "Red Lensman," in acknowledgment of her flaming hair color. On a side note, this reader could not stop picturing the early s Maureen O'Hara as the perfect actress to portray MacDougall.

Second Stage Lensmen by E. E. "Doc" Smith (1953)

As mentioned, this Book 5 introduces some new weapons of superscience, as it seems every time the Boskonians or the Galactic Patrol comes up with something unbeatable, it is either copied by the opposing side or countered with some neutralizing gizmo shortly after. Thus, in this installment, the Patrol has as its newest offensive weapon the "sunbeam," which drains the power of a nearby star when shooting off its irresistible rays of destruction. And Kim himself has a new weapon at his disposal, as if his Lens were not enough; a miniature device invented by Worsel the Velantian that enables Kim to make unstable the complex brain molecules involved in thought, spelling instant death for his victim!

As for those battles alluded to up top, this installment gives the reader some doozies, including the Boskonians' attack on Earth; the battles with the Boskonians both above Lyrane and involving hand-to-hand combat in the Lyranian streets; the Grand Fleet's capture of Klovia; and the two fleets' final duke-out in Klovian space.

Remarkably, all these battles are very different in character--both in terms of weapons, tactics and pacing--not just from each other, but from all the many battles that had preceded them in Books 1 — 4. This volume, besides boasting those terrific sequences, also dishes out some other thrilling scenes, such as Kim's saber duel with his immediate Thrallian superior; the scene in which the Dauntless becomes trapped in the limbo of hyperspace a scene that furthers the plot not one bit, except to ratchet up that elusive sense of cosmic wonder ; Kim's mental battle with Fossten, the ricocheting mental detritus of which is severe enough to kill over 1, Boskonians nearby; and, most especially, the reemergence of the Eddorians, in the person of Gharlane, who had played such a huge role in Book 1, "Triplanetary," and who'd been absent since the beginning of Book 2.

Kim here has no knowledge of the Eddorians, of course, but thanks to Smith's wise decision to have written Books 1 and 2 as prequels, the reader surely does, and it is a stunning moment, indeed. And if I have not made it clear before, perhaps I should say here that the action in these books is not confined merely to the physical. Many of the alien races dealt with are telepathic, as are the Lensmen, natch; thought shields are fairly ubiquitous, thus; and mind control, brainwashing, cerebral wiping and other nasty stunts are commonplace elements of the game.

These are fairly sophisticated books, and assuredly meant not just for very bright teens, but for adults, as well. And really, how many teens--or, for that matter, adults--would know the meanings of such words as "peradventure," "refulgent," "contumacious," "gudgeon" and "immiscible," all to be found in the pages herein? And for the young readers and adults alike, Smith gives us this line, as he compares the evil Boskonians to we members of civilized society: " As Book 5 draws to its conclusion, the Boskonian menace seems to have been pretty well eliminated again , and Kim and Clarrissa finally do wed in a celebration sequence that is wonderful to behold.

But as the reader is well aware although Kim and the Patrol are not , the 2 billion-year struggle between the Arisians and the Eddorians has not been resolved yet at all. So what can possibly happen next? I suppose that I will just have to proceed on now to the Lensman series' final installment, Book 6, "Children of the Lens," to find out View 2 comments.

To him fell the perilous task of infiltrating the inner circle of Boskone, stronghold of galactic civilization's most deadly foe. Kinnison had to become a local Boskonian in every gesture, deed - and thought. Then it would be he who issued the orders - orders that would de "Kim Kinnison, Number One man of his time, had faced challenges before - but rarely one as daunting as this.

Then it would be he who issued the orders - orders that would destroy his own civilization However, Smith does like to go into the details of space flight as he imagined it and I found myself speed-reading those sections just to get by them.

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Not a computer in sight, of course, since this series was written in those misty years before computers became such a part of our society. I was somewhat disappointed that none of the engineers in this yarn pulled out their trusty sliderules! In a previous book, a woman was sent to Arisia to become a Lensman, but was turned down by Mentor or Arisia letting the aliens be the bigoted ones. Free from the male gaze, they are completely ignorant of any form of beauty, even natural beauty such as water falls, rainbows or mountain ranges!

He says far worse things about these women than he does about the whole Boskonian organization! Apparently the concept of capable women, who can run a planet just fine, thank you, really flipped a switch in Doc Smith.

Second Stage Lensmen Second Stage Lensmen
Second Stage Lensmen Second Stage Lensmen
Second Stage Lensmen Second Stage Lensmen
Second Stage Lensmen Second Stage Lensmen
Second Stage Lensmen Second Stage Lensmen
Second Stage Lensmen Second Stage Lensmen
Second Stage Lensmen Second Stage Lensmen

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